Open Enrollment Comes to a Close

The close of business Wednesday marked the end of our eleventh Open Enrollment Period and my tenth at the helm of Connect for Health Colorado. I’m genuinely in awe of how far we’ve come as an organization since I came on board, which was shortly after the end of the very first Open Enrollment.

We reported yesterday that 237,107 people have enrolled in a 2024 health insurance plan. That is about 18 percent higher than last year’s end of Open Enrollment total of 201,758 enrollments and is our biggest enrollment period– ever. Also a record high, 77 percent of customers are receiving financial help to reduce premiums. 

Additionally, 12,485 people enrolled in a health insurance plan through Colorado Connect. (As a reminder, that’s our public benefit corporation and online platform we launched last year.) That brings our end of Open Enrollment total across both of our shopping platforms to nearly 250,000 lives covered.

Next, our data teams will be conducting an in-depth analysis of enrollment data. We will publish a report with more information and findings this spring. And while the Open Enrollment Period has closed for 2024 coverage, people can still enroll if they have a qualifying life event.

Connecting with Community Partners & Policymakers

Last Friday, I attended the Martin Luther King Jr. Business Awards luncheon. It was a pleasure to connect with business and community leaders and to sponsor an event that honors exemplary social responsibility. As a reminder, you can request for Connect for Health Colorado to sponsor events in your community. We see sponsorships as a vital piece of our outreach strategy. I know that that, while we’ve made great strides, there’s still plenty of folks who don’t know what “Connect for Health Colorado” is and what we do. So, as we like to say here, we’re about meeting people where they are.

Yesterday, I presented to the SMART Act committee about our organization, our accomplishments this Open Enrollment Period, and our efforts to make it a success. It was my pleasure to speak to and answer questions from the committee. I look forward to strengthening our relationships with these policymakers.

Annual Reports

We recently published the 2023 Annual Report for Connect for Health Colorado and 2023 Annual Report for Colorado Connect.

Take care,

Kevin Patterson, MURP, MPA
Chief Executive Officer
Connect for Health Colorado