Complaints Information

Think we messed up? Tell us about it! Choose one of the three options below to let us know what we can do better:

  1. Submit the online form below.
  2. Print out this form and mail or e-mail it to the address on the form.
  3. Call our Customer Service Center at 855-752-6749 and tell the representative that you’d like to file a formal complaint.

Have a complaint about your insurance company, insurance agent or Broker?

Contact the Colorado Division of Insurance, Consumer Complaint Portal.

Have a question about Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid Program) or Child Health Plan Plus?

Contact Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing.

Customer Complaint Online Form

What happens next? We will be in touch with you via phone or e-mail to discuss your complaint. We strive to resolve your complaint within 90 days of receiving this form.