Insurance protects you from debt

Having health insurance can help you pay for high, unexpected healthcare costs. Without insurance you could face these costs entirely on your own. 

  • The average cost of a three-day hospital stay without health insurance is $30,000 and treating a broken leg can cost up to $7,500. 
  • Every health insurance plan sold through Connect for Health Colorado has an out-of-pocket maximum. Once you’ve spent the out-of-pocket maximum, your insurance will pay 100% of your covered healthcare costs.

Insurance can help you stay healthy

All health plans must cover a set of preventive services. These services are free, even if you haven’t met your deductible. 

  • Visit your doctor: Things like annual check-ups and some health screenings are covered when delivered by a doctor or other provider in your plan’s network. 
  • Stay healthy: Preventative services help keep you healthy so you save money by preventing illness or other doctor visits during the year.

There are many kinds of health insurance

All plans sold through Connect for Health Colorado are required to cover a full package of benefits. These are listed in the plan’s Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC). However, plans available may vary a great deal in the:

  • Number of hospitals and doctors you can go to (in-network) 
  • Way they share costs with you (copay v. coinsurance) 
  • Additional benefits they cover beyond what is required

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Insurance helps you pay for your care

Health insurance is designed to share costs with you and a health insurance company.

Get the lingo

Copay: For health services with a copay, you pay a fixed amount for the care you receive.


Coinsurance: For health services covered by coinsurance, you pay a percentage of the total cost of a covered medical service (after you have met your deductible).


Deductible: For most types of healthcare, you may have to pay the amount of your deductible before your insurance plan will start to pay for some of the costs of getting care.


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Staying in your plan insurance network will save you money

Insurance plans help you pay for care when you see a doctor or go to a hospital in the insurance plan’s network. Make sure that the doctor you are seeing is a part of your plan’s network, unless it’s a life-threatening situation.

Insurance plans sold outside Connect for Health Colorado may be ‘Limited Benefit Plans’ 

Connect for Health Colorado only sells health insurance plans with a full package of benefits. If you shop outside of Connect for Health Colorado, the plan you purchase may only cover a limited number of injuries or diseases. Many of these plans only last for six months. 

Shop through Connect for Health Colorado if you want to be sure that your health insurance plan will cover all of your health care needs.

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