Open Enrollment (Nov 1-Jan 15) is the time to shop and compare plans for 2022 health coverage. Thanks to the American Rescue Plan, there’s more financial help available.

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More savings available to Coloradans than ever before 

Thanks to the American Rescue Plan Act, more Coloradans can find health insurance savings through Connect for Health Colorado’s Marketplace for 2022 coverage. If you’re currently enrolled in a plan through Connect for Health Colorado and haven’t updated your application recently, you’ll likely qualify for more financial help when you renew your coverage or pick a different plan for 2022. 

For the first time, health insurance savings are available to many individuals and families who were previously ineligible because of their income. 

If you applied in the past but were denied financial help, now is the time to reapply!

An individual earning more than $51,000 and a family of four earning more than $106,000 may now qualify for savings through Connect for Health Colorado.  

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Next Steps 

Carefully review your renewal letter or online account for information about whether your plan will automatically renew, your estimated monthly premium and financial help for the 2022 coverage (calendar) year, and next steps to enroll. 

Eligible for auto-renewal? Your plan will renew on December 1, 2021. However, it’s a good idea to review your application and options, as plans and prices change each year.  

Not eligible for auto-renewal or want to change your plan? Compare plans and prices now! Remember to enroll by December 15 to have coverage in place starting January 1, 2022.  

Update your account online, with a broker or assister, or over the phone:

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 Call our Customer Service Center at 855-752-6749

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Update your account to access these savings

The sooner you update your account, the sooner your additional savings will be applied to your health insurance plan. Start receiving the new, additional tax credit savings on the first of the month after you submit an updated information.

Tell us about life changes within 30 days. Life events that can affect your health insurance coverage include: 

  • Getting married or divorced 
  • Having a baby or adopting a child 
  • Moving to a different ZIP code or county 
  • Changes in your income 
    • If your yearly income estimate goes down or your household size gets bigger, you could qualify for more savings than you’re getting now. This could lower what you pay in monthly premiums. 
    • If your yearly income estimate goes up or your household size goes down, you may qualify for less savings than you’re getting now. 
    • If you don’t report the change, you could have to repay tax credits when you file your federal tax return.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, however, you should review and update your income and household information in your account to make sure you are accessing all the savings that you qualify for. Thanks to a new federal law, there are more savings available. More Coloradans are eligible now, including those who were not eligible in the past because of their income.


Plans and prices change every year, so it’s a good idea to review your coverage to make sure it meets your needs and budget.

Log in to your account and update your information so that we can evaluate your situation for financial help. Applying for financial help means you’ll enter updated information about your household, including household income and income sources. If you are not eligible for affordable health coverage, like that from a job, your spouse’s job or from Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid program), you can likely get financial help!

Many current customers’ health insurance plans will automatically renew on December 1st for the 2022 plan year. Carefully review your renewal letter or online account for information about whether your plan will automatically renew and your estimated monthly premium and financial help for the 2022 coverage (calendar) year.


You can also review other plan options and select a different plan that meets your budget and health needs. You have until December 15, 2021 to enroll in or change plans in order to have coverage that starts January 1, 2022.


If you sign up after December 15, your coverage will begin on February 1, 2022.

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Pre-existing conditions

It’s important to know that all health and dental insurance plans through Connect for Health Colorado include free preventive services (called essential health benefits) and coverage for preexisting conditions.

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Dental and vision insurance

Protecting your eyes and teeth are important parts of overall health. Like medical plans, dental and vision plans help you pay for services and preventive care. You can sign up for a dental plan during the Open Enrollment Period, which runs Nov. 1 through Jan. 15.

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Health Reimbursement Account

Have you received contributions from your employer in a Health Reimbursement Account? Call our Service Center to determine how these funds interact with your marketplace plan – 855-752-6749