If you or someone in your family is undocumented, you haven’t had good options to manage your health without health insurance. And too often, purchasing health insurance is unaffordable and complex.

We hear you. And we have a program with YOUR needs in mind.

OmniSalud — a way to enroll in affordable health insurance

OmniSalud is a program that provides undocumented Coloradans with a safe way to compare affordable health insurance plans and enroll on a secure online platform.

Thanks to a Colorado law passed in 2021, every company that sells health insurance in the state has to offer plans with a specific set of lower, fixed costs and make them available to everyone – no matter their documentation status. These are called Colorado Option plans and they are making healthcare more affordable and accessible for all Colorado residents.

You are in good hands with Colorado Connect

The OmniSalud program is a safe option because you’ll be shopping and enrolling through Colorado Connect, our secure online platform.

When you apply, you’ll start at Connect for Health Colorado’s website. If you choose to share your information only with Colorado Connect, you’ll be directed to create an account with Colorado Connect on a separate application and enrollment site. When you do that, your information is stored separately from Connect for Health Colorado and is not shared with federal partners for any reason.

Your privacy is our top priority

We do NOT ask for your immigration status when you apply for a health insurance plan through OmniSalud and enroll through Colorado Connect.

The information you provide when applying cannot be used for immigration enforcement.

Costs are lower, and plan benefits are better

Here are some of the ways Colorado Option plans are making healthcare more affordable and accessible for all Colorado residents – including you:

Lower costs when you use your plan

Here’s what you can expect to pay for healthcare from doctors who are in-network on your plan – even before meeting your deductible: 


Doctor visits when you are sick or have an injury


Therapist, counselor, or doctor visits for mental/behavioral health or substance abuse


Doctor visits for maternity care — before and after birth (prenatal and postnatal)


Diabetic supplies, including continuous glucose monitors


Doctor visits for yearly check-ups, health screenings, and immunizations to help you stay healthy


Diabetes self-management education

State law requires health insurance companies to lower premiums for Colorado Option plans a little bit more every year.

Get $0/month plans with financial help if you qualify

You will likely qualify for financial help called “SilverEnhanced Savings” if your income is less than the following based on your household size:

Learn more about SilverEnhanced Savings »

Frequently Asked Questions

Colorado Connect complies with health-industry-standard security protocols, which are designed to protect and ensure the privacy of your personal information.

When you apply, you can choose to share your information only with Colorado Connect. That means:

  • We won’t ask for your immigration status.
  • The information you do provide is stored with Colorado Connect only, and we use it to determine your eligibility for financial help.
  • Colorado Connect does not share your personal information with federal partners for any purpose.
  • The information you provide when you apply cannot be used for immigration enforcement.

When you apply, we’ll ask for only your:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Information about your income

To enroll in health insurance through OmniSalud, an individual must:

  • Live in Colorado
  • Not be eligible for Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid program) or financial help available on Connect for Health Colorado. People who are undocumented and people with DACA status fall into this category.

To receive SilverEnhanced Savings, an individual must:

  • Qualify for the OmniSalud program (see above)
  • Have a household income is less than 150% of the federal poverty level- that’s less than $21,870 per year for an individual, and less than $45,000 per year for a family of four

Customers, regardless of immigration status, can begin on Connect for Health Colorado. From there, customers will be directed to apply via Connect for Health Colorado or Colorado Connect. Mixed-status households will fill out separate applications on these separate shopping platforms.


We recommend that family members who are citizens or who are documented apply with Connect for Health Colorado– they might qualify for financial help that is only available on the marketplace, like Advance Premium Tax Credits. Family members who are undocumented should create an account and apply separately on Colorado Connect.


If you need assistance figuring out the best application path for you and members of your family, we recommend using one of our certified experts. They will consult you on which family members should apply for public health programs, like Health First Colorado (the state’s Medicaid program) and the Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) program, and which family members should apply with either Connect for Health Colorado or Colorado Connect.

Colorado Connect is a public benefit corporation that is owned and operated by Connect for Health Colorado.


Each entity has its own application and shopping platforms with secure information databases. This allows us to offer additional health insurance products and financial help opportunities than what is available on Connect for Health Colorado.

No. When you apply for health insurance through the OmniSalud program, we do not ask for your immigration status. Additionally, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) does not consider this type of health insurance coverage and assistance when making public charge determinations.


We know that the public charge rules continue to be a concern for immigrant families and their communities. Many of our certified enrollment sites and guides are knowledgeable about the public charge rule and how it affects families applying for certain public benefits. We will continue to work with our trusted community partners to ensure people have accurate information and can make an informed decision about applying for public benefits.

No. The reason your health insurance company sent this request and may continue to send requests is because they are required to ask for this information. However, you do not need to respond to the requests, and your health insurance plan and coverage will not be impacted by not responding. Our health insurance company partners are aware that Colorado Connect customers who enrolled through the OmniSalud program may not respond to these information requests.


Your coverage through Colorado Connect is considered qualifying minimum essential coverage. Additionally, the individual shared responsibility payment (sometimes referred to as a penalty) for not having health coverage was reduced to zero starting in tax year 2019. See the IRS website for more information.

Get started with free help in your language

Our certified experts live in your area and speak your language. They will help you with the application free of charge. And you’re not obligated to buy a plan when you contact an expert.

Contact an expert

Get free help in your language

Certified Brokers and Assisters are available in your community to help you apply and learn how to use your plan. The help is free and available virtually and in-person.