Connect for Health Colorado is for all Coloradans

Almost all Coloradans can use Connect for Health Colorado to buy a health insurance plan. There are no income requirements for purchasing a plan through Connect for Health Colorado. 

The only requirements you have to meet to purchase a plan through Connect for Health Colorado are that you are:

  • Lawfully present in the United States 
  • A resident of Colorado 
  • Not incarcerated (this means that you are not in prison or serving a jail sentence)

You may be able to get financial help to lower your monthly premiums

Depending on your family size and income, you may qualify for financial help. However, there is another key factor to consider – whether or not you have an offer of affordable health insurance elsewhere, like through an employer.

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Coloradans who have an offer of affordable health insurance, even if they do not sign-up for that coverage, are not eligible for financial help through Connect for Health Colorado. Some examples include:  

  • Health First Colorado (Medicaid)
  • Your employer your spouse’s employer
  • Medicare
  • The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

* Please note that this list does not cover all criteria. 

You can still enroll in a health plan through Connect for Health Colorado but Coloradans with these offers of health insurance typically cannot receive financial help. 

Open Enrollment is over, but there are still several opportunities to get covered.

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