Welcome, new Board of Directors Chair

Other than Open Enrollment coming soon, we have a few other orders of business to share with you.

If you attended our Board of Directors meeting this week, you might have noticed we have a new leader at the helm.

Claire Brockbank, a founder and principal partner of Segue Consulting, has recently been named Chair of our Board of Directors. Claire has 30 years of experience as a leader in the health care industry. She brings an important strategic perspective to Connect for Health Colorado as we work to increase access, affordability and choice for Coloradans purchasing health insurance in our state. She has served as a board member since 2017, and I am thrilled to have her in this role.

I’d like to thank Adela Flores-Brennan, who served as our Board Chair for the past four years and remains a vital member of our Board. I appreciate Adela’s collaboration and leadership in moving our mission forward.

Easy Enrollment

During the 2020 legislative session, you may remember that the Health Care Coverage Easy Enrollment Program passed. We have started to begin conversations on implementing this bill, and also this week, the Easy Enrollment Advisory Committee held their first meeting.  Starting in 2022, the Easy Enrollment Program will allow Coloradans to mark on their state tax return that they are uninsured and opt-in for their information to be shared with Connect for Health Colorado, so we can see if they qualify for financial help or Health First Colorado (Medicaid). Easy Enrollment can provide financial stability and improve health outcomes for thousands of residents, many of whom are unfamiliar with the sign-up process, or do not know they qualify for help.

Take care,

Kevin Patterson, MURP, MPA
Chief Executive Officer
Connect for Health Colorado