Two Bills That Further Our Mission Passed

To Our Valued Stakeholders,

Colorado policymakers wrapped up an active and unprecedented legislative session earlier this week. Since the session was interrupted because of the COVID-19 outbreak, most of the policy work these last three weeks was focused on the state budget and bills related to the current crisis.

However, Connect for Health Colorado had the opportunity to be involved in two bills that will forward our mission to provide access, affordability and choice for Coloradans purchasing health insurance.

I shared with you previously that House Bill 1236, known as “Easy Enrollment,” will allow Coloradans to mark on their state tax return that they are uninsured and opt-in for their information to be shared with Connect for Health Colorado, so we can see if they qualify for financial help or Health First Colorado (Medicaid).

On the last day of the session on Monday, Senate Bill 215, the Health Insurance Affordability Enterprise, also passed. The bill protects and expands financial help for health coverage, which is in line with our mission to increase access, affordability and choice. I released a statement about what this means for Coloradans, and how we will be involved in removing barriers to access for Coloradans.

The Affordability Enterprise will:

  • Fund the reinsurance program.
  • Provide financial help to people whose net premium would increase as the individual market price for insurance decreases.
  • Set up a fund to provide financial help to people who do not otherwise qualify under Affordable Care Act rules (e.g. households who are not qualified because of the “family glitch”).

We will work with several partners to advise on implementation of both bills.

I’m thrilled that through these unique times, Colorado continues to be an innovator and national leader at finding solutions to our health care needs.

Stay healthy and well,

Kevin Patterson, MURP, MPA
Chief Executive Officer
Connect for Health Colorado