Thanking the Board for Three Years of Leadership and Dedication: A Message from CEO Patty Fontneau

On Monday, the Board approved a budget and carrier fee for the coming year, allowing Connect for Health Colorado to serve more Coloradans who need health insurance and be financially sustainable. The Board vote is the result of many detailed budget discussions during which Board members advised staff to identify efficiencies and ensure strong financial management. The process also included input from many stakeholders, including three that testified at the board meeting on Monday: the Colorado Health Foundation, the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and the Colorado Center on Law and Policy. Under the Board’s leadership, Connect for Health Colorado is one of the most successful and financially secure state-based health insurance marketplaces in the nation. Since opening October 1, 2013, we have helped over 135,000 Coloradans enroll in commercial health insurance, and contributed to the enrollment of over 180,000 Coloradans into Medicaid. Our budget, staff and fees are among the lowest in the nation. Our sustainability model allows us to be financially independent using short-term transitional funds and enrollment-based revenue. The Board has served a crucial role in our success.  Monday’s meeting was the 67th full Board meeting since the organization was established and Board members were appointed in summer 2011, per Senate Bill 11-200. Some Board members have moved on and new members have been appointed. Most have been serving for nearly three years, also participating in over 50 Committee meetings to discuss policy, finance and operational matters and to set the direction for the Marketplace. We have more work ahead of us and I ask that you join me in thanking the Board for their continued commitment and service.

Patty Fontneau, CEO