CEO Blog: Strength in Partnership

To Our Valued Stakeholders,

We were of course pleased this week with the news that all our health insurance company partners filed plans to return to the market in 2018. With carriers leaving markets in other states, the news got a lot of attention in The Denver Post and other media.

Residents in all of Colorado’s 64 counties will still have at least one health insurance company offering coverage through Connect for Health Colorado under these filings. This news speaks well of our strong partnerships with the state Division of Insurance and the seven health insurance companies offering coverage to our customers.

In Recent News

The Senate healthcare bill was released Thursday.

We are still analyzing the bill but our initial reading is that it would drastically reduce financial support that thousands of Coloradans rely on to buy their own health insurance.

The proposed changes to eligibility in the bill would eliminate assistance for more than 10,000 Coloradans who bought insurance through us this year.

Reducing tax credit assistance would strike the hardest blow in rural communities where already too many people cannot afford health insurance.

We are urging policy makers to find solutions that make health insurance affordable to more people and this measure would not meet that goal.

Take care,


Kevin Patterson, MURP, MPA
Chief Executive Officer
Connect for Health Colorado