A Statement from Connect for Health Colorado® CEO Gary Drews on the Colorado State Auditor’s Limited Performance Audit

Connect for Health Colorado® leadership and staff take their stewardship of public dollars very seriously and agree with the guidance from the State Auditor’s Office.

A number of federal and state agencies have closely and continuously monitored us since 2011. They have approved our operations, policies and procedures while we worked to create a new enterprise in a complex, evolving environment, under tight deadlines and shifting federal regulations.

We welcome the input and the transparency. All of the more than two dozen federal and independent audits and reviews have brought tremendous value to us as a start-up, and we have implemented their recommendations to improve the organization.  Although the tone and content of the state audit differ from previous reviews, we agree with the recommendations. We have already implemented many changes and have committed to adopting all of them.

Over the past year, starting the day we opened our doors to the public on October 1, 2013, our staff and partners have been working to achieve an ambitious mission. Our success is evident in the 160,000 customers we have connected to effective health insurance and robust participation in the Marketplace by health and dental plans in Colorado.

We feel we have accomplished a great deal and that there is still room for improvement. We will continue working with our Board, the Legislative Implementation Review Committee, our state partners, and our stakeholder groups to ensure ongoing, sound management.