Progress on Enrollments

As we enter our second month of operations, I am pleased to report several new developments. On Monday night, we added technology to our shopping website that includes the ability for customers to apply online for premium tax credits on their own after they’ve received a Medicaid denial from the State. This technology release made an immediate positive impact on the shopping experience and pace of enrollments. We also began the process of sending real-time, industry-standard and secure customer enrollment data to carriers. The shopping experience and our support operations continue to improve each day. You can also look for improvements to the Medicaid application process by mid-December as we collaborate with our State partners toward the shared mission of getting Coloradans signed up for coverage.

We’ve also added a new feature on our website that highlights customer stories and the ways in which we have created a marketplace just for Colorado, where thousands have already signed up. We encourage you to let your communities know about these customers, including their tips for new customers. Successful enrollment stories are also surfacing in the media and with our partners, including a national NPR story that aired earlier in the week. Thousands of Coloradans have signed up for 2014 coverage and we are spreading that message in our advertising campaign, which was produced by Coloradans for Coloradans and is currently airing on television, radio, online, and through text messages and billboards.

Our metrics for October are available here and we look forward to updating you on our enrollments soon.