Open Enrollment Starts Next Week

Time is flying and it is just about the end of October, which means our doors open next week officially for the Open Enrollment Period. In fact, the Division of Insurance released final rates this week, and I issued a statement about the outlook for our customers for next year.

Although overall rates are increasing an average of 10 percent statewide over 2022 premiums, many customers will be able to save money if they enroll in a different plan, rather than renew into their existing coverage. Residents who qualify for financial help can expect even more assistance to offset rising costs, resulting in modest increases ($20/month on average) to net premiums, and even net premium decreases for customers in the Western area of the state.

Additionally, with the passage of the American Rescue Plan Act in 2021 and the extension of financial assistance under the Inflation Reduction Act signed this August, even more Colorado residents are eligible for savings through our Marketplace.

Fixing the “Family Glitch”

This month, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) adopted a new regulation that will make it easier for Marketplace customers and their families who have an offer of health insurance from their job to qualify for financial help. When the Affordable Care Act first became law, employees and their households were often unable to qualify for savings because of a gap known as “the family glitch.” I’m very pleased that the regulatory change to address this gap is going into effect and that more customers can qualify for financial help. This year, we’ll direct customers who are impacted to contact our Customer Service Center for assistance.

In the News

I spoke with Public News Service about the affordability of plans and competition in Colorado this year, as well the expert enrollment help available our Marketplace.

The Colorado Sun and Colorado Public Radio covered the news about this year’s rates.

We are excited to open our doors next week, and will continue to share more about this year’s offerings as we kick things off.

Take care,
Kevin Patterson, MURP, MPA
Chief Executive Officer
Connect for Health Colorado