Open Enrollment Deadline For 2022 Plan Year

This is it. We are down to the final few days of the formal Open Enrollment Period for plan year 2022. We officially close our doors tomorrow, Saturday, Jan. 15. Since our deadline falls on a holiday weekend, I’ve asked our assisters, brokers and our Customer Service Center to note that we will offer an in-line extension through next Wednesday so they can continue supporting anyone who needs help finishing their enrollment. We truly hope everyone who needs to be covered, especially during these pandemic times, has the opportunity to get their coverage for the year. As such, we are happy to announce that more than 190,000 Coloradans have secured coverage, and will report out our final numbers in the coming weeks. To help get the word out about the deadline, we have continued our push on social media. Governor Polis leant his voice in reminding Coloradans as well. I also had a great conversation with good friend and activist Brother Jeff Fard this week.

Other Happenings
We also published our 2021 Annual Report, which showcases all of the work we accomplished in the past year. I am so proud of our staff for all the work to continue to work toward our mission of access, affordability and choice for Coloradans. Lastly, Colorado’s lawmakers got back to work this week, as the 2022 legislative session got underway. We are beginning to track and monitor health care bills and I will share periodic updates about relevant legislation as the session goes on.