Gratitude for Work Through This Big Year

While Open Enrollment remains our main focus, I wanted to also take a moment before the holidays and say thank you. Wow. It’s hard to believe all that we accomplished in 2021. We worked diligently to ensure as many Coloradans as possible could enroll in health insurance coverage to protect their health and finances during this second year of the pandemic. We kept our doors open for nearly eight months, implemented new financial help rules in the customer application (pursuant to the American Rescue Plan Act) and enrolled more residents in coverage than any previous year of the Exchange’s operation. And we did all of that with the help of our enrollment partners, staff and you. It takes a village.

That said, there is still time for Coloradans to get 2022 coverage. Our doors stay open through January 15, for anyone who needs to get covered. We are seeing many Coloradans get extra savings this year thanks to the American Rescue Plan, so please continue to remind your communities that they can likely find an affordable option.

Lastly, we published a report about the work we are doing to establish our public benefit corporation, Colorado Connect. I look forward to sharing more about its mission in the coming year.