Connect for Health Colorado® Among the Most Competitive State Marketplaces, New Analysis Shows

DENVER – Connect for Health Colorado® is among the most competitive state Marketplaces in the country, based on comparisons to data in two recently released national reports.

Eleven percent of Coloradans live in counties where fewer than three health insurance companies are offering plans through Connect for Health Colorado. An analysis by the Urban Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found that nationally, 38 percent of Americans live in areas with one or two health insurance companies offering Marketplace plans this year.

In Colorado, 3 percent of the state’s population lives in counties with only one company offering plans through Connect for Health Colorado, while the national report found 12 percent of the U.S. population live in areas with only one health insurance company offering Marketplace plans.

Seven health insurance companies offer plans through Connect for Health Colorado, but only one offers coverage in all 64 counties in the state.

In a March 21 report, the Government Accountability Office measured competitiveness by comparing the market share held by the largest health insurance company in the individual market in 2016. It found that Colorado was among a handful of states where the largest health insurance company had less than 50 percent market share that year. Both reports note that the cost of health insurance tends to be lower in areas with more competition.

“We are pleased that we compare favorably to other states in the level of choice that we are able to offer to many Coloradans,” said Kevin Patterson, Chief Executive Officer of Connect for Health Colorado. “Increasing choice and holding down our customers’ costs are key parts of our mission.  But these analyses also bring new emphasis to the need to bring more competition to more areas of the state.”

Health Insurance Company Choices by County

Number of health insurance companies offering plans through Connect for Health Colorado Counties Percentage of state population
One 14 3%
Two 28 8%
Three 14 21%
Four 1 12%
Five or more 7 56%
Source: Connect for Health Colorado

About Connect for Health Colorado

Connect for Health Colorado is a public, non-profit entity established by the Colorado General Assembly in 2011 to create a health insurance Marketplace.  Since 2013, we’ve been helping individuals, families and small employers compare plans, apply for financial help and buy health insurance. As Colorado’s official health insurance marketplace, we are the only place to apply for financial help to lower the monthly cost of premiums. Customers can shop online; get help by phone or online chat from Customer Service Center representatives; and access expert, in-person help from a statewide network of certified Brokers and community-based Assisters. For more information: