CEO Blog: Potential Opportunity

To Our Valued Stakeholders,

A bill that would create a new assistance program for Coloradans whose income is a little high for premium tax credit assistance but who are still paying 15 percent or more of their income for health insurance premiums was introduced this week, with sponsors from both parties. I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago when the Denver Business Journal covered the announcement of the proposal.

The measure, if it eventually becomes law, would give us a new tool in our mission to increase access, affordability and choice in regions of the state where this has been a growing challenge.

On Tuesday we filed our response to the CMS proposed market stabilization rules. Among many other points, we objected to the shortened open enrollment period, pointing out the added burden to our Brokers, to our Health Coverage Guides and to our own systems this change would bring.

Legislative Update

I doubt there is anyone who has not heard by now that the “repeal and replace” American Health Care Act was introduced in Congress this week. It’s still very early in the process and the measure is subject to a lot of change but you might be interested in this side-by-side comparison of the new bill to existing law and other reform proposals that was compiled by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

They also posted an interactive map illustrating the impact that the bill would have on tax credits, down to the county level.

Finally, the Colorado Health Institute posted a quick look at the potential impacts on our state in a Thursday blog post.

In Recent News

It’s gratifying when our customers are highlighted in the media as examples of the Affordable Care Act working well. That was the case Thursday when Health Affairs Blog told the story of a Denver photographer who was able to go into business for himself  because he could buy his own affordable health insurance coverage through Connect for Health Colorado.

Take care,


Kevin Patterson, MURP, MPA
Chief Executive Officer
Connect for Health Colorado