CEO Blog: Action in Congress

To Our Valued Stakeholders,

Along with much of the country, I have been watching the debate in the House of Representatives over the proposed repeal of the Affordable Care Act. The measure was withdrawn so what happens next is not clear. We continue to work with our representatives at the state and federal level to protect the health coverage of all Coloradans and find solutions to the challenge of increasing access, affordability and choice for all Coloradans buying health insurance.

Legislative Update

The Health, Insurance and Environment Committee in the state House of Representatives is scheduled on Thursday to take up discussion of the bill to provide financial relief to certain Colorado residents who are not eligible for any other insurance assistance program and spending more than 15 percent of their income on health insurance premiums. We look forward to the chance to administer this program, should the bill become law.

In Recent News

The claims and counter claims about the Affordable Care Act and the proposed American Health Care Act can be confusing for anyone. That’s why you might find this article published in the Harvard Business Review by two experts with the Commonwealth Fund helpful. The writers take a hard look at where each piece of legislation falls short and what they feel is needed in the health insurance market.

I’ll be taking a break next week on my Friday messages and will resume on Friday, April 7.

Take care,


Kevin Patterson, MURP, MPA
Chief Executive Officer
Connect for Health Colorado