For Policymakers

The goals of Connect for Health Colorado are to:

  1. Advocate to improve access to coverage in rural areas of Colorado
  2. Maximize the number of consumers and employers who shop and enroll through the health insurance marketplace, and apply for available financial help
  3. Improve the ability of customers to attain and retain the right coverage for their needs
  4. Ensure that Connect for Health Colorado is a healthy and thriving organization

With these goals in mind, we will continuously work to achieve our mission to increase access, affordability and choice to individuals, families, and small businesses purchasing private insurance in Colorado.

Legislative Priorities for the 2018 Session

The Second Regular session of the Seventy-first assembly adjourned on May 9, 2018. The First Regular Session of the Seventy-second General Assembly will convene on January 4, 2019. Connect for Health Colorado may take a position on or propose changes to public policy issues that align with our mission, goals, and  priorities as identified here.

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2017 Legislative Bills of Interest

Below is a list of Marketplace-related bills introduced for 2017. Click on the bill number for more detailed information about the legislation. Please note that legislative proposals do not become law until they are passed by both houses of the Legislature and signed by the Governor. Bills signed by the Governor are indicated by an asterisk (*).

Bill Number Description
SB17-003 Concerning the Repeal of the “Colorado Health Benefit Exchange Act” In 2010, pursuant to the enactment of federal law that allowed each state to establish a health benefit exchange option through state law or opt to participate in a national exchange, the general assembly enacted the ‘Colorado Health Benefit Exchange Act’ (act). The act created the state exchange, a board of directors (board) to implement the exchange, and a legislative health benefits exchange implementation review committee to make recommendations to the board. The bill repeals the act, effective January 1, 2018, and allows the exchange to continue for one year for the purpose of winding up its affairs. The bill also requires the board, on the last day of the wind-up period, to transfer any unencumbered money that remains in the exchange to the state treasurer, who shall transfer the money to the general fund.

HB17-1235 Concerning a Financial Relief Program to Provide Financial Assistance to Individuals Earning a Household Income of Not More than Five Hundred Percent of the Federal Poverty Line of Which They Spend More than Fifteen Percent on Health Insurance Premiums for Individual Health Insurance Purchased Through the Colorado Health Benefit Exchange.  The bill creates a financial relief program, available from July 1, 2017, through December 31, 2018, to provide financial assistance to individuals and their families who spend more than 15% of their household income on individual health insurance premiums, and live in any county contained within one of the three most costly geographic insurance rating areas. The Colorado health benefit exchange (exchange) is to oversee the program, and counties may elect to administer the program in their counties. For any county that opts not to administer the program, the exchange is to administer the program in that county.

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Oversight Committee

The Legislative Health Benefit Exchange Implementation Review Committee was established by Senate Bill 11-200, passed by the General Assembly in 2011, to help guide the implementation of  Connect for Health Colorado (with the legal name Colorado Health Benefit Exchange), review certain financial decisions, make recommendations to the General Assembly and protect the interests of Coloradans. During the First Regular Session of the Seventieth General Assembly, both houses passed legislation amending the name and responsibilities of the Committee. The Committee is now referred to as the Colorado Health Insurance Exchange Oversight Committee (Oversight Committee). Learn more about the Oversight Committee. To listen to archived meeting recordings, visit the Colorado General Assembly’s website.

Prior presentations to the Colorado Health Insurance Exchange Oversight Committee: Legislative Oversight Committee Presentation, December 15, 2017

Senators Representatives
Kevin Lundberg, Vice-Chair Susan Lontine, Chair
Irene Aguilar Chris Kennedy
John Kefalas Lois Landgraf
Beth Martinez Humenik Joann Ginal
Jack Tate Lang Sias

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Are you a Constituent of one of our Oversight Committee Member’s? If so, you can use the below 1-pagers to talk to your Representative or Senator about how Connect for Health Colorado is doing in your County. Just click on your Representative’s or Senator’s name to access the Fact Sheet.

Representative/Senator District County Represented
Senator Irene Aguilar District 32 Denver
Representative Joann Ginal District 52 Larimer
Senator John Kefalas District 14 Larimer
Representative Chris Kennedy District 23 Jefferson
Representative Landgraf District 21 El Paso
Representative Susan Lontine District 1 Denver and Jefferson
Senator Kevin Lundberg District 15 Larimer
Senator Beth Martinez Humenik District 24 Adams
Representative Sias District 27 Jefferson
Senator Jack Tate District 27 Arapahoe

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Looking for policies approved by our Board of Directors? Learn more about Board policies.