The goals of Connect for Health Colorado are to:

  1. Create a Health Benefit Marketplace to fit the unique needs of Colorado
  2. Ensure and maintain financial sustainability of the Marketplace
  3. Foster and maintain a competitive marketplace for insurance
  4. Improve the end to end customer experience, from application to enrollment
  5. Balance the needs of numerous stakeholders and maintain open and transparent dialogue
  6. Operate a business where all people, no matter where they live or how much they make, have the opportunity to be healthy and secure

With these goals in mind, we will continuously work to achieve our mission to increase access, affordability and choice to individuals, families, and small businesses purchasing private insurance in Colorado.

Legislative Priorities for the 2016 Session

The Second Regular Session of the Seventieth General Assembly convened on January 13, 2016.

The Second Regular Session of the Seventieth General Assembly adjourned on May 11, 2016.

Connect for Health Colorado may take a position on or propose changes to public policy issues that align with our mission, goals, and  priorities as identified here.

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2016 Legislative Bills of Interest

Below is a list of Marketplace-related bills introduced for 2016. Click on the bill number for more detailed information about the legislation. Please note that legislative proposals do not become law until they are passed by both houses of the Legislature and signed by the Governor. Bills signed by the Governor are indicated by an asterisk (*).

Bill Number Description
HB16-1148 Health Benefit Exchange Rules and Policies*
Requires the board to create technical and advisory groups to meet quarterly for two years starting June 1, 2016. The board, with public input, is required to set a policy that makes clear which actions by the exchange require public scrutiny.  Prior to taking action that requires public scrutiny, the exchange must post the planned action to the website at least three weeks prior to the board meeting at which the action will be discussed. The board must send the oversight committee an annual report that contains the financial and operational plans of the exchange and the major actions taken by the exchange.
SB16-002 Health Exchange Voter Approval to Impose Tax
Directs the secretary of state to submit to the voters, at the November 2016 statewide election, the question of whether the Colorado Health Benefit Exchange can impose a tax to support its ongoing operations.
SB16-170 Health Benefit Exchange for Medicaid Eligible
This bill authorizes the State Department to purchase individual insurance through the Colorado Health Benefit Exchange (Exchange) for an individual who is eligible for Medicaid, but chooses not to receive Medicaid.  The State Department, with the help of the Exchange, would need to apply to the secretary of the federal department of health and human services for any waivers to provide the federal subsidy to these individuals.  The board is required to inform individuals eligible for Medicaid but who do not want it on the process for purchasing through the Exchange.
SB16-006 Health Insurance Exchange Insurance Brokers*
Requires the Colorado Health Benefit Exchange (Exchange) to establish a system to refer consumers to qualified insurance brokers to enroll consumers in health benefit plans.  After assisting the consumer with the eligibility application process, a customer service representative must offer to transfer the consumer to a qualified insurance broker.
HB16-1015 Contingent Repeal Health Insurance Laws Aligning With ACA
Conditional upon a repeal of all or part of the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA), this bill automatically repeals the corresponding provisions in state law enacted by House Bill 13-1266 to align state health insurance laws with the requirements of the ACA. The Commissioner of Insurance is required to notify the Reviser of Statutes if federal action is taken to repeal all or part of the ACA in order to trigger the repeal of the various provisions in HB 13-1266. This bill has been postponed indefinitely.

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Oversight Committee

The Legislative Health Benefit Exchange Implementation Review Committee was established by Senate Bill 11-200, passed by the General Assembly in 2011, to help guide the implementation of  Connect for Health Colorado (with the legal name Colorado Health Benefit Exchange), review certain financial decisions, make recommendations to the General Assembly and protect the interests of Coloradans. During the First Regular Session of the Seventieth General Assembly, both houses passed legislation amending the name and responsibilities of the Committee. The Committee is now referred to as the Colorado Health Insurance Exchange Oversight Committee (Oversight Committee).

Learn more about the Oversight Committee. To listen to archived meeting recordings, visit the Colorado General Assembly’s website.

Senators Representatives
Kevin Lundberg, Vice Chair Dianne Primavera, Chair
Irene Aguilar Lois Landgraf
John Kefalas Beth McCann
Beth Martinez Humenik Su Ryden
Jack Tate Lang Sias

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Are you a Constituent of one of our Oversight Committee Member’s? If so, you can use the below 1-pagers to talk to your Representative or Senator about how Connect for Health Colorado is doing in your County. Just click on your Representative’s or Senator’s name to access the Fact Sheet.

Representative/Senator District County Represented
Senator Irene Aguilar District 32 Denver
Senator John Kefalas District 14 Larimer
Representative Landgraf District 21 El Paso
Senator Kevin Lundberg District 15 Larimer
Senator Beth Martinez-Humenik District 24 Adams
Representative Sias District 27 Jefferson
Senator Jack Tate District 27 Arapahoe

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Looking for policies approved by our Board of Directors? Learn more about Board policies.