Welcome back! You already know how important it is to stay covered so you can protect your health and finances. Whether you signed up for the first time or renewed your plan, make sure you understand how to use your comprehensive coverage. This Coverage to Care Roadmap provides a good overview for how to understand and use your benefits!

If you still need 2015 coverage, the fastest way to get covered is by calling us at 855-PLANS-4-YOU (855-752-6749). The deadline to buy coverage for 2015 is February 15th! Don’t delay. After that date, you can only purchase a plan if you have a qualifying life change like marriage, birth or adoption of a child, or legal residence changed. If you have questions or changes about your new coverage, call us right away.

View 2015 Plans TodayGet started by browsing for the plan that fits your needs. Get Free In-person HelpQuestions? We have a team of specialized staff to answer your questions.

Important Dates

Nov. 15th
Open Enrollment begins you can enroll in whatever coverage you select.
Dec. 15th
Deadline to select coverage beginning January 1.
Feb 15th
Deadline to get coverage for 2015, unless you have a qualifying life change event.

Auto Renew

If your health insurance plan was the same and your household situation hasn’t changed, you may have been eligible for auto-renewal. If this is the case, all you have to do is continue to pay your monthly premium on time to keep your coverage.

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Shop for a New Plan

If your insurance company did not offer the same plan, your household income or size changed, or you simply want to change plans for 2015, we recommend that you use our Plan Finder Tool to browse your options for the best plan to meet your current health needs and budget. When Open Enrollment begins on November 15th, the Plan Finder Tool will allow you to see which plans include your preferred doctors and hospitals. If you select a plan that doesn’t include your preferred doctor or hospital “in-network,” it could cost you more to use them. The Plan Finder Tool will also allow you to look up specific medications to see if they are covered by a plan you are considering starting November 15th.

If you qualified for financial assistance last year and your income has changed, you should get a new tax credit estimate before browsing new plans. Use our Tax Credit Estimator to get a sense of your savings prior to browsing plans. If you did not receive financial assistance last year, check to see if you now qualify.

Coloradans may be eligible for financial assistance depending on their income and household size. In 2014, our customers were eligible for $262 per month on financial assistance to help reduce their monthly costs.

Infographic depicts eligibility for medicaid or finanical help for both an individual and for a family of four. Individuals with incomes up to $15,500 are eligible for medicaid. Those with incomes up to $46,500 are eligible for financial assistance. Families of four with incomes of up to $31,500 are eligible for medicaid and families with incomes of up to $95,000 are eligibile for financial assistance

If you simply want to apply without financial assistance, browse your plan options and sign in to purchase your plan for 2015.

While the Plan Finder Tool allows you to quickly compare plans, search for doctors and check prescription coverage, it does NOT save selections along the way. Make sure you take notes on your final selections. Once you have made a decision on which plan you would like to select, you are ready to update your application and enroll. Purchase your 2015 plan now!

Remember you can always get free, in-person help from a certified Broker or Health Coverage Guide.

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Once you’re covered, your insurance company will send you an invoice for your first month’s premium. Make sure to pay that on time each month to keep your coverage. Timing of invoicing and the receipt of membership materials vary by company, but you can see the general time frames here.