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We hope you got covered for 2018. If not, you may be able to still enroll under certain scenarios such as having a baby, getting married, moving or the loss of other health insurance.

Coloradans with certain scenarios may still be able to apply or change their coverage.

Open Enrollment for 2018 ended on January 12th.

Confused by the Politics in Washington D.C.?

We get it. Let us help you understand what it means for Coloradans like you. Regardless of the confusion, what remains constant and true is that it is important to protect your health and financial future. Broken bones, disease and other chronic conditions can happen at any time. Most are treatable and in some cases preventable if you have access to care and health insurance and we can help with that.

Financial Help Still Available for 2018

If you experienced a Life Change Event that allows for you to enroll outside the Open Enrollment Period, you may be eligible to apply for two types of financial help available only through Connect for Health Colorado. Customers who qualified in 2018 saved an average of $505 per month to help reduce their monthly premiums. Don’t assume you make too much to qualify – you may be surprised!

Graph: Eligibility for financial help based on household size and annual income

Estimate Your Savings - You May Be Surprised!

Did Your Income or Family Size Change?

This could change your tax credit or make you eligible if you aren’t currently receiving one.

If you are currently receiving a tax credit, changes can result in an increased tax credit or it could cause you to owe money to the IRS. Call us within 30 days so we can help adjust the amount of financial help you receive so you don’t have any surprises when you file your income taxes. If your family size goes down or your income goes up, you may get less of a tax credit and you don’t want to owe more money at tax time. If your family size goes up or your income goes down, you might get more of a tax credit! (And if your family size changes or if you have another qualifying Life Change Event, you may be eligible for a 60-day period to enroll in a new plan.)

If you are currently NOT receiving Premium Tax Credits and your income has changed, you should check to see if you now qualify for financial help to lower your costs. Quickly check to see if you now qualify for financial help.

Estimate Your Savings & Compare Plans

How Else Can I Save?

Because plans, prices and networks change every year, it is important to make sure the plan up for renewal still meets your healthcare needs and budget. You may be able to find lower priced plans, even with your same health insurance company. If you need help navigating through the plans or re-enrolling in a new plan, schedule an appointment with one of our certified Brokers. Hurry though – appointments for Open Enrollment fill up quickly.

What about Dental and Vision?

Protect your eyes and teeth too! Dental and vision health is an important part of your overall physical health. That’s why Connect for Health Colorado is pleased to offer our customers access to dental and vision plans.

Want to be a Smart Shopper? Explore our Health Insurance Resources

Health insurance can seem complex and confusing, so we’ve put together a variety of resources to help you feel more confident buying and using your health insurance.

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