Who should I include on my application for financial assistance?

Tax Dependents

You (the taxpayer), your spouse/partner (if you file taxes jointly), and whoever is claimed as a dependent on your tax return.

Adult Children Up to Age 26

Even if you no longer claim your adult child on your tax return, you can include them on your application and enroll them in your family health insurance plan. You will want to provide their address, income, and tax filing status on the application, which means they may qualify for different financial help programs, or a different amount, than the rest of the household.

Victims of Domestic Violence and/or Spousal Abandonment

You can qualify for financial help, even if you are married and filing separately, if you are the victim of domestic violence and/or spousal abandonment.

Information about tax households, the definition of a dependent, and other tax filing topics can be found on the IRS website.