Howard Paul wanted to make photography his full-time occupation but was tied to his job as executive director with an emergency first responders association because it offered health coverage. Having health insurance was driving his choice of how to earn a living. But that issue was resolved for Howard in 2014 when the Affordable Care Act made it possible for him to purchase his own, affordable health insurance through Connect for Health Colorado. As a result, Howard Paul Photography for Communication and Commerce is now a Colorado success story.

Having this health insurance not only allowed Howard to make photography his full-time business, it may help save his life. In 2016, Howard was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. Knowing his treatments and medications are covered, allows him to concentrate on getting well, instead of worrying about a financial hardship. “Without health insurance I can afford through Connect for Health Colorado, treatment would be nearly impossible. Odds are I would become bankrupt, possibly homeless, even dead.” said Howard.