• Chair: Sharon O’Hara
  • Claire Brockbank
  • Mike Stahl
  • Mike Conway

Area of Work

  • The committee is responsible to ensure policies and their outcomes support the mission, values, and strategic goals of the organization.


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Milestones, Measures and Oversight Timeline

Milestones, Measures and Oversight Detail

Past Meetings

November 23, 2020

October Minutes
Policy Agenda Update
CoverCo Results

October 26, 2020

September Minutes
2021 Consumer Impact Wakely Analysis of Rates
Strategic Plan Strategies
Small Business Resources
Small Business Discussion Questions
Administrative Burden Feedback

September 28, 2020

August Minutes
Addendum A
Covid-19 SEP: Lessons Learned
OE Marketing and Outreach Strategy
Strategic Plan: Goals & Objectives

August 24, 2020

July Minutes
Data Transfer – CBMS to C4
Policy Agenda
Strategic Plan Discussion
HRA IRS Comment Letter

July 27, 2020
June Minutes
EBNE Analysis
Strategic Goal #1 Metrics
Customer Survey
Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters

June 22, 2020

May Minutes
HCPF Update
Strategic Goal #3 Metrics
Policy Agenda
BAG Annual Calendar

May 28, 2020

April Minutes
Covid-19 Impacts

April 27, 2020

March Minutes

March 23, 2020

February Minutes
Legislative Update

February 24, 2020

January Minutes
Bill Tracker
Shipping & Plan Display

January 27, 2020

December Minutes
Wakely Comparison
Link to Centralized Resources
Policy Team Bill Tracker

Documents discussed at prior meetings:

Risk Adjustment Comment Letter
Health Plan Certification Policy Framework
Memo Summarizing Committee Discussion on Bulletin and Interim Rules
Summary of Interim Final Rules
Actuarial Value and Cost Sharing Reductions Bulletin
Comment Letter from CAHP on AV Bulletin
Comment Letter from Anthem on AV Bulletin
First NPRM Comment Letter
Second NPRM Comment Letter
Comment Letter about Essential Health Benefits
Essential Health Benefits FAQs
Comment Letter on Actuarial Value and Cost Sharing Reductions Bulletin

Committee Archives

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