Connect for Health Colorado Supports Senate Bill 24-093

Statement from Connect for Health Colorado

DENVER – On Monday, Connect for Health Colorado’s Board of Directors took a support position for Senate Bill 24-093, Continuity of Health-Care Coverage Change. This bill would help Coloradans who are no longer eligible for Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid program) or the Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) program who have serious medical conditions more easily transition to individual market coverage and continue coverage of necessary medical treatments during the transition period. Connect for Health Colorado released the following statement:

“Coverage transitions can be a stressful period for people losing Medicaid regardless of health condition, but Coloradans with serious medical conditions and those getting ongoing treatments are in an especially vulnerable situation. This bill will ensure that Coloradans can continue treatment for their serious medical condition for 90 days without fear of out-of-network balance billing, and hopefully, help provide greater peace of mind as they continue critical treatments.

As the official health insurance marketplace, it’s our mission to increase access, affordability, and choice. This bill gives people ongoing access to coverage when they need it most. It keeps coverage affordable in the individual market by covering people’s medical treatments with insurance. And it preserves choice by allowing people to shop for coverage that is right for their circumstances for the full plan year, rather than focusing only on the coverage they need to finish the course of treatment they are currently receiving. For those reasons, Connect for Health Colorado supports Senate Bill 24-093.”

Senate Bill 24-093 has passed the Senate and is currently awaiting debate and vote in the House.


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