CEO Blog: End of Open Enrollment Update

Today marks the end of our fourth and by far most successful Open Enrollment period. The number of plan selections ran 12% ahead of last year’s pace and the volume of last-minute customers Monday and Tuesday led us to extend sign-ups for three days for those who started the process before Tuesday’s deadline.

I share this information with extreme gratitude to our dedicated staff, our Assistance Network, our Broker partners, our health insurance company partners and the many other supportive stakeholders who helped us move forward with our shared mission no matter the headwinds we encountered along the way.

In Recent News 
The Clear Choices Campaign — a non-partisan consumer-oriented group representing patients, providers, insurers, employers and life science companies — publicized its rankings this week of 12 state-based marketplaces and for providing consumers support in selecting health plans and ranked our Quick Cost and Plan Finder tool No. 2. You can find the full report here

Legislative Update
We had the opportunity to share these successes and others with the Joint Health Committee of the Colorado Legislature Thursday, when we presented our annual report.  Next week, we will have another chance to tell our story to lawmakers, this time with the Senate Finance Committee Tuesday afternoon.

Take care,


Kevin Patterson, MURP, MPA
Chief Executive Officer
Connect for Health Colorado