Cindy and Dominick LaJoy

Cindy and Dominick LaJoy own and operate several family businesses in Montrose and health care is important to them and their five children. According to Cindy, “The recent changes in health care offerings were quite confusing and left us concerned about what would be the best options for our large family.”

Cindy is pretty tech savvy and spent a good deal of time researching the best options and pricing plans on the individual market. Ultimately, Cindy decided to seek the advice of a certified broker. She looked to her hometown agents and called the Watson Insurance Agency, who has several brokers/agents who are certified by Connect for Health Colorado to assist customers in enrolling and qualifying for financial assistance. “I knew we needed professional advice, and I turned to Watson Insurance Agency. They met with us personally, at no cost, and offered suggestions that led us to savings of almost $600 per month.” Cindy said.