“My husband is a self-employed general contractor in Montrose, Colo. Our insurance rates have tripled in the last ten years and forced us to raise our deductible to $10,000.00. Our premium was almost $900.00 a month. We had to meet the deductible the past three years, which regretfully cut into our retirement.

We made an appointment with Lynn Caretta [a Connect for Health Colorado Health Coverage Guide]. Within the hour we had several options for our new health plan, all of which were extremely better than our current plan. After some deliberation, the plan we chose will save us approximately $600.00 per month and lower our deductible to $2,500.00.

Needless to say we were thrilled with the results. It was a very simple and smooth process. I would recommend everyone to contact Connect for Health Colorado and start 2014 with the comfort of knowing you have health insurance at an affordable rate.”