Please note that in July 2015 the Board of Directors voted to combine the Finance Committee and the Operations Committee into one Finance & Operations Committee. Please find previous Finance Committee materials and Operations Committee materials in the links at the bottom of the main Finance & Operations Committee page

December 28, 2015

24 Month Cash Flow ProjectionC4HCO_Finance Committee Development Cost Budget to Actual
C4HCO_Finance Committee Interim Financials

October 26, 2015

Finance Quarter 1 FY 2016 Report
Finance Revenue Memo
Financial Policies – Revised Draft
Financial Policies Redline
Revised Authorization Matrix
Open Enrollment 3 Readiness Update

September 28, 2015

MinutesFinancial ReportStatement of Activities 08-31-15Statement of Financial Position 08-31-15

August 24, 2015

June Financial StatementStatement of Activities
Statement of Position
KPIs 08-01-13