What income should I include on my application for financial help?

The income you report on your application is called your Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI). In general, it is your estimated adjusted gross income (the income you report when you file your federal taxes) plus any tax-exempt Social Security, interest, or foreign income you have for the year for which you are applying. Remember to report income changes to the Marketplace to avoid any penalties. You also have the option of buying health insurance without applying for financial assistance and, if eligible, claiming the lump sum of the tax credit when you file your federal taxes.

Information about how to file taxes, including what incomes and allowances should be included, can be found on the IRS website

You can use the following tools to better understand how income will be calculated.

Calculate MAGI Using Last Year’s Tax Return or Calculate MAGI without Last Year’s Tax Return

For the most accurate calculation, be sure to include income from all household members, including dependents with income.

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