Connect for Health Colorado helps Coloradans access a new kind of tax credit to reduce the cost of buying private insurance and another form of help that allows customers to obtain health plans with lower co-pays and deductibles. Eligibility for the premium tax credit is calculated based on multiple factors, including your age, tax filing status and projected annual household income. To determine your household income, the Marketplace uses an income calculation method called “Modified Adjusted Gross Income” or MAGI. If you are interested in applying for up-front financial help, you will need to provide the Marketplace with your MAGI. The forms below will help you determine your MAGI for the year in which you are seeking health care coverage. You can also buy health insurance without applying for financial help and, if eligible, claim the tax credit in 2019 (for the year 2018) when you file your federal taxes. At tax filing, the IRS is expected to determine your eligibility and provide the tax credit as a refund or reduction on your tax liability.

Calculate MAGI with Tax Return
Calculate MAGI without Tax Return
Calculate your Past Income & Deductions/Expenses