Coloradans can buy health insurance as a new customer if they have a special circumstance, known as a qualifying life event, which include the below situations. Those eligible for Medicaid or Child Health Plan Plus can enroll any time of the year.

  • Marriage, birth, adoption, and placement for foster care
  • You lose access to minimum essential coverage
  • Your employer-provided coverage is no longer available
  • You become a resident of Colorado

If you believe you are eligible to shop based on one of these circumstances, start exploring your health insurance plan benefit options through our browse plans tool. Once you’ve identified a plan that fits your need,  submit this form to start shopping. If you’re not sure or have questions, please call us at 855-PLANS-4-YOU (855-752-6749).

Below are other circumstances that will allow you to purchase health insurance:

  • Your employer-sponsored insurance becomes unaffordable. Learn more about how to determine affordability.
  • You gain citizenship or legal immigration status
  • You were released from prison/jail
  • You lost eligibility for the exemption to purchase health insurance coverage
  • You show that your existing health plan has substantially violated a provision of its contract

If you belong in one of the categories above, please call us at 1-855-752-6749 and we will help you enroll.

Want to get an estimate of your potential tax credit? You can use our Tax Credit Estimator to see if you might be eligible for a premium tax credit to reduce your monthly payments. Go here and enter your information to get an estimate of your potential savings. This is an anonymous tool and not an official determination of benefits.