How Much Could a Colorado Individual or Family Save on Health Insurance?

Connect for Health Colorado is the only place where eligible Coloradans can access new financial help, based on income, to reduce the cost of health insurance. This new assistance is for Coloradans who are not eligible for Medicare, Medicaid or the Child Health Plan Plus and are not offered affordable coverage through their employer. This interactive calculator estimates how much eligible individuals and families can receive in a new kind of tax credit that can be applied up front to reduce the cost of your monthly premium or claimed on your taxes. It will show you if you are eligible for Medicaid under the expanded eligibility rules. All of this information applies to health coverage that takes effect January 1, 2015.

  1. Enter household size and income for all individuals included on your tax return (yourself and spouse and dependents, if applicable).
  2. Enter age information for those household members who need coverage (rates vary by age in Colorado).
  3. Enter your county and zip code (rates vary by community in Colorado)

Household Information

    We need to know the number of people living in the house whether they are going to be covered by health insurance purchased through Connect for Health Colorado or not

Enrollee Information

Estimate of Monthly Tax Credit or State Medical Program Eligibility

    Note: This is only an estimate, please fill out application to get final determination

The credit amount shown is an estimate of the amount of your monthly premium that may be subtracted from the premium of the qualified health plan you purchase using the Connect for Health Colorado Marketplace if you are eligible for a tax credit.