Please note that prior to May 6, 2013, Connect for Health Colorado was known as the Colorado Health Benefit Exchange (COHBE), the legal name created by SB 11-200.

Display & Pricing of Supplemental Plans
Display & Pricing of Supplemental Plans

  • The Board voted on July 23, 2012 to build a technology solution that will accommodate the display and pricing of embedded, bundled and stand-alone dental and vision plans.

Display of Quality Information
Display of Quality Information
Quality Metrics Presentation
Recommendation from AARP on Quality Indicators & Measures
Letters to the Board regarding Quality Indicators and Measures
Kaiser Permanente
Colorado Consumer Health Initiative
Rocky Mountain Health Plans
SeeChange Health
Denver Health

  • The Board voted on Sept. 24, 2012 to provide quality ratings for health plans offered on the Exchange.
  • The Board voted on Oct. 8, 2012 to provide a CAHPS composite rating and link to HEDIS information as well as other appropriate metrics about health plan quality.

Standard Comparative Plan Information:
Standard Comparative Plan Information

  • The Board voted on July 9, 2012 to create a comparative plan tool that includes premium and cost-sharing information, summary of benefits and coverage, limitations or exclusions in plans, prescription drug co-pays and qualified health plan identification and the ability to filter plans by specific details, including providers, health conditions treated through special programs in plans, domestic partner coverage information and quality ratings.

Supplemental Plans and Additional Benefits:
Supplemental Plans and Additional Benefits Policy Issue
Response to Questions about Supplemental Plans and Additional Benefits
Comment Letter from Rocky Mountain Health Plans
Comment Letter from Denver Health
Comment Letter from Colorado Eye Care Specialists
Comment Letter from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield

  • The Board voted on May 30, 2012 to create the technology to support the selection and comparison of supplemental plans and additional benefits/products that comply with certification requirements.