Please note that in July 2015 the Board of Directors voted to combine the Finance Committee and the Operations Committee into one Finance & Operations Committee. Please find previous Finance Committee materials and Operations Committee materials in the links at the bottom of the page. 


  • Chair: Nathan Wilkes
  • Marc Reece
  • Kim Bimestefer

Area of Work

  • Provide oversight and support to staff to monitor and actively manage the financial resources and operations of Connect for Health Colorado

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Milestones, Measures and Oversight Timeline
Milestones, Measures and Oversight Detail

October 22, 2018

September Meeting Minutes
Financials Qtr 1 FY 2019
C4HCO 6.30.18 Audit Report

September 24, 2018

August Committee Minutes
OE6 Marketplace Operations Support Unit (MOSU)
Audit Plan Update

August 27, 2018

July Committee Minutes
Financials Qtr 4 FY 2018
Procurement Approval – Media Buy 
NES Update
2018 Appeals Metrics
2018 Complaints Metrics

July 23, 2018

June Committee Minutes
OIG Board Presentation
2017 SMART Audit Summary

June 25, 2018

May Committee Minutes
Procurement Policy – Draft
Delegation of Authority Matrix
Capital Investment Historical Spend

May 21, 2018

April Committee Minutes
Contract Extension
Procurement Policy
Audit Update
Customer Service
Complaints Reporting

April 23, 2018

March Committee Minutes
Financials Quarter 3 FY 2018
Proposed Budget – FY19
OIG Audit Report – SES
Form 990 DRAFT
Single Audit Report 2017
Service Center Updates

March 26, 2018

February Meeting_Minutes
Addendum A
FY 2018 Preliminary Budget
Service Center Updates

February 26, 2018

January Committee Minutes
Budget Planning
Fiscal Note Process

January 22, 2018

November Committee Minutes
Open Enrollment Update
CHP+ Update
Financials Qtr 2 FY 2018
Capital Investment Planning
Eligibility Changes
Financial Policies
Delegation of Authority Matrix
Complaint Process

November 27, 2017

October Meeting_Minutes

OE5  Update

Supplemental Budget Request
Reserve Policy – Draft
Letter re Medicaid Allocation

October 23, 2017

September Minutes
Financial Audit Report
Financials Qtr 1 FY 2018
KPI Supporting Information for Discussion
Reporting Matrix Updated
Audit Update
Procurement Update

September 25, 2017

August Committee Minutes
IT Assessment
SHOP Finance Review
Audit Update

August 28, 2017

July Finance Operations Minutes
Overview of CGI Projects 
Audit Update
State Auditors Performance Audit:
Financials Quarter 4th FY 2017
Media Buy Approval
Auditor Engagement Letter
SHOP Options

July 24, 2017

June Minutes
Audit Update
2016 SMART Audit Summary
CMS A-133 Letter
Delegation of Authority Matrix
Investment Policy
Draft Amended Bylaws for Publication

June 26, 2017

May Finance & Operations Committee Minutes
Small Group Marketplace Options

May 22, 2017

April Committee Minutes
FY 2018 Budget
Broker Recert Update
AN Funding Update

April 24, 2017

March 27, 2017 Committee Minutes
April 6, 2017 Committee Minutes
Financials Qtr 3 FY 2017
FY 2018 Budget Scenarios
HB17-1235 Update
Strategic Planning Project Update

April 6, 2017


March 27, 2017

February Committee Minutes
DRAFT Marketplace Dashboard Revised
Board Reporting Matrix
Committee Presentation
Failure to Provide Verification Update

February 27, 2017

January Committee Minutes
Dashboard-KPI Discussion
OE4 Metrics
Implications of CMS Rule Changes
CMS A-133 Audit Letter

January 23, 2017

December Committee Minutes
Financials Qtr 2 FY 2017
OE4 Update
hCentive and IT Roadmap
PSO 2016 Annual Update

Committee Archives

Finance & Operations Committee Archive 2018
Finance & Operations Committee Archive 2017
Finance & Operations Committee Archive 2016

Finance & Operations Committee Archive 2015
Finance Committee
 (prior to July 2015)
Operations Committee (prior to July 2015)